Clover, her calf ribs, with Donncha and Ariel in back
Roxanne with our first red calf  and Alannah sneaking in on the left   
Cearnach has now grown up and is one of our herd bulls. He has learned to harrow our pastures with me and is currently learning "whoa, giddy-up, left and right. He is so gentle and seems to want to learn new things with us.

We welcome our new calves of 2010, with Dunncahn, Ariel's dun bull calf, arriving first then Timmy, Thistle's red bull calf, Caira, Roxanne's black heifer and Clover's dun bull calf Porter.

Clover and Porter


Cearnach has been gone for 6 weeks breeding a friend's cow and is now home playing with the boys who are growing up fast.



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