Eat Local and know where your food comes from.
Here at Heather Meadows we are commited to raising our Dexters as natural as possible. This also includes our desire to raise them in pastures on grass. Because Dexters are naturally good foragers having them in pastures to eat what they have always been eating is the most healthy way for them. In winter they have grass hay or haylage with alfalfa supplemented.  We do not grain finish or use any antibiotics or hormones. Our Dexters are raised with care and concern for their needs  and are treated humanely. Since Dexters are smaller than most beef breeds the hanging weight averages about 400-450 lbs. with 1/2 only 200-225 lbs. and 1/4 100 lbs. For smaller families 1/4 is the perfect size to put in a small freezer.
We sell our grass fed beef  by hanging weight whole, 1/2, or split side (1/4). We have it butchered on site by a certified butcher and  taken to Silvana Meats to be custom cut and wrapped  to your  request. We take a deposit with firm orders and balance due when meat is picked up. Cut and wrap is paid to Silvana Meats .
We are sold out for 2009 but taking orders for 2010. Email us if you are interested in being put on our waiting list. Contact us at;



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